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team coverage from all the trouble spots. >> marion barry's son faces serious charges. outrage at the big changes over netflix. you might be surprised at what netflix says about it. live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. >> as we begin tonight with one woman's terrifying ordeal at the of the storms. a tree came crashing down on her r coming inches away from killing her inside. tonight, the woman is talking about it. >> really an extraordinary story. out of this terrific with only bonds and bruises. have to tell you, this mother from maryland was driving right ofindustry during the peak storm this afternoon. >> seeing her car in this tow lot, is to see the horror of been.ould have treat branch out in my while i was driving. >> oh my goodness! >> all of a sudden, it was cracking. a storm toppled a massive tree limb. the lens crushed her car, a limb herhed right through windshield. it was only angels of watching over me. i would have been dead. she somehow managed to scramble out of her car alive. she was crying. i was crying. >> this stranger offered louis shelter in her ca
in a notorious drug bust. but tonight marion barry's son is facing his own drug charges in dc. bruce leshan tried to talk to marion barry. >> you'll hear it from the former mayor himself what he is saying. a lot of people don't know it marion barry has said to friends privately he wants christopher barry to replace him, take his place, succeed him on the dc council as a ward representative. the u.s. attorney's office confirms that 31-year-old christopher barry has been arrested. took place back on may 28th. marijuana, pcp with the intonight to distribute. you are looking at christopher barry now. court papers seen by 9news now say police went to his apartment on martin luther king avenue in southwest to investigate a reported fight. once inside and they had to force open the door, they saw what they believed to be was blood and drugs. marijuana and pcp. christopher barry tried to escape they say by going out a window. he was later arrested when he returned. a short time ago i talked to the councilman about his son's arrest. >> as a parent, talk to me about it. tell me something. how are you doing
had nothing to do with the attacks. so the deeper i got into marion gmail slave and the story, the more it became apparent there were these elephants in the room i could just pretend what they are. so that's a long answer to your question. >> it's a great answer. and it seems that pose for you and for margaret arcus, the book is an indispensable key to the formation of one's view of the world and the sense that for a little margaret peggy, the road to mecca was by a jew who conferred at a foundational document for her. can you type just briefly about her autodidact disses them on that particular book? >> yeah, this is a book called the road to mecca, which commotions and the road to mecca for a lot of people who friday. it's a memoir by this austrian jew who is a journalist who went to cover north africa and the middle east and became very friendly. traveled a lot and it does say that a trusty bible and god. and you know, just at this very passionate, wonderful book about arabia and became very good friends with king soured and later on married a bad when women from india to p
have 68 degrees. it will be a much nicer day. >> former mayor marion barry's son was arrested on drug charges. plus -- did you watch the game? check out highlights of the u.s. women's impressive performance. first, we will have another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >>> welcome back. we are glad you are with us. it is time to look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> steve as a great job today. >> let me tell you. what a difference 24 hours can make. that cold front moved through yesterday afternoon. we had rain and thunderstorms. we saw the damage in southeast d.c. now the rewards. low humidity and nice and temperatures. regis work is at 66 degrees. look at the dew point levels. in the lower to middle 50's through most of the area. the weather will be very comfortable for today. high-pressure locked in place. a beautiful thursday on the way. 82 to 87 degrees. the wind will be out of the north from 8 to 12. temperatures will fall into the upper 50's to the lower 60's 83 to 88 degrees to bar. a look at the extended outlook in just a minute. first, over to lisa b
of marion barry is facing a drug charge, intent to distribute pcp. tom sherwood is here with details. tom? >> reporter: dorene, christopher barry was in court today, the only son of marion barry. christopher has mostly stayed out of the public limelight. christopher barry, seen here in 2004, is about 30 years old. he's the only son of marion barry, and his late wife who died in 2007. christopher barry gave an emotional speech about his mother, who tried to protect him from the glare of being barry's son. >> as long as i'm doing the right thing, i'm going win, you know. i can't fail. >> reporter: christopher has worked has a house painter, but largely stayed out of the public eye. the court documents say christopher barry was arrested may 30th in far southwest washington at his apartment on martin luther king avenue. police had been called to the scene because of loud voices. the report said christopher barry initially jourched out of a window to escape but returned and was arrested. christopher was charged with possession and intent to distribute the drug pcp. christopher barry was due in
like to hear from you. >> marion barry's son is facing a drug dealing charge. marion christopher barry was arrested in may. they found pcp and marijuana in his d.c. apartment. they went to the part, they say, after a report -- apartment, they say, after a report of a fight. there was more pcp than one person would use and there were five sandwich bags of marijuana. the younger barry jumped out of a window to avoid the police and was arrested when returned. no comment from dad councilman barry. >>> d.c. mayor gray gets subpoenaed and it may not hold up in court and this is centering earn the fight for voting right in the district. the amc commissioner keith silver was arrested during an april 18th protest. silver's attorney subpoenaed mayor gray to testify. today, this city's attorney asked the why to tow out the subpoena and saying he's too busy and there are other witnesses. >> the mayor was an oops to the event surrounding this incident. he participated and spoke, he's an important witness. mr. silver's liberty is at stake here. the judge scheduled the hearing for september to decid
a lot of places these days. tavis: we have to talk about marion anderson. there is something i want to come back to and have you unpack for me. i recall reading a critic that was critical of you and reviewing the liner notes, he thought the you should have been given more credit. it appeared to me that he was complaining about the fact that he gave so much love to your gospel heritage given who do have become. i am only raising that to ask why it is and how is. that to this day, you are so adamant about getting all of the profs necessary to your gospel of bringing. >> and those on my roots. i sing in languages that i speak. when i am singing a schubert song, i know what every word means. and strauss, wagner, things like that. i had the pleasure and privilege of studying in the learning something that is -- you are 5 years old and hearing your grandmother in the kitchen, singing herself through the day. she would sing as my mother and her sisters would sing themselves through whatever occupation they're taking their time. it was clear to me, hundreds of songs were created by people t
at home in another similar case. the man did survive. >>> the son of marion barry could be in jail for awhile longer. marion christian barry pled guilty to charges. officers were called to his home for a dispute when drugs were found. he will be sentenced next month. >>> police are asking for your help finding a missing person in tacoma park. donna rose smith was last seen leaving the 1200 block of myrtle avenue yesterday but never arrived at work. she was wearing a pink summer dress and sandals. she has a cross tattooed on her left shoulder. >>> the suicide bombing in kandahar has killed the mayor. >> the bomb gilled ghulam halder hamidi in all three power brokers in the area have been murdered in the last 2 weeks. >> he was a man who loved the american values. >> people close to him said he was trying to rebuild kandahar based on the american dream. >> reporter: the suicide bomber got into city hall and set off an explosion that killed the mayor. the news made it back to washington quickly, the place he also called home. >> he loved washington because of the diversity. >> reporte
>>> we begin with breaking news regarding the felony drug case against marion christopher berry. this morning, the son of councilmember marion berry pled guilty to drug charges. in may, authorities said they found five large bags of marijuana and a vial of pc, and in berries's apartment. officers were initially called to the apartment for dispute when the drugs were found. berry will be sentenced in september. >>> we're following a breaking story from germantown, maryland. dozens of people have been evacuated because of a natural gas leak. officials say contractors working in the 11,000 block of tulip poplar terrace punctured a gas line. washington gas is on the scene, and they're repairing that line. >>> a mount rainier police officer is in jail. he is accused of trying to sexually assault a man and then kill him. christian fisher is in prince george's county, where the officer will make his first appearance in court. >> reporter: the former mount rainier police officer gene gillette will be right here in court in just under two hours of a bond hearing has been set for 1:30. th
on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >>> d.c. councilman marion barry wants to symbolically designates a long stretch of roadway as martin luther king jr. drive. that would run from the northern end of martin luther king avenue in southeast across the 11th street bridge to the maine avenue exit and then down independence ave. the council will vote on that proposal tonight. >>> 6:11 on this thursday. a new look is coming to the clarendon metro plaza. they're working to make over the area between wilson and clarendon boulevards. officials want to add new unseating -- seating and they plan to improve the landscaping and have a covered by pacs. scheduled for completion in spring of 2012. to see more pictures of the design, go to wjla.com. >>> 66 degrees. >> when we continue, casey anthony is days away from returning to life as a free woman. find out why a woman following the news of the case is planning. to planning. -- is planning to file a lawsuit. >> and highlights on the u.s. women's impressive performance on the road to the world cup finals. >> and find out why some beer taps are turning off
and was killed and dismembered by a stranger. >>> we are learning more about the arrest of councilman marion berry's son on drug charges. christopher barry was arrested may 28 after police responded to a report. they found a large pile of pcp and five bags of marijuana. >> coming from a background where his father was once a user or whatever, i am quite sure that played a big part. >> it seems to run in the family. >> christopher barry says he looks forward to setting the record straight at his trial later this month. >> marion berry will symbolically designate a section of roadway as martin luther king jr. drive. the council is expected to vote on the proposal tonight. >>> a whole new look is coming to the metro plaza. arlington county is working with the airport a party to make over the area between wilshire boulevard. officials want to build covered bike parking and improve the landscaping. the project will be completed in spring of 2012. for pictures of the new design, the to our website at wjla.com. >>> google is making video and book downloads easier. >> you might call it racial profi
, from indiana. wendy felton, 16 from marion, indiana. michelle duey, 20, from indianapolis, indiana. all of these cases went unsolved. officials believed only one man knew what happened. >> we knew he was responsible for several deaths. >> and to get answers it would take a risky, unusual plan. send a convicted drug dealer undercover into a dangerous prison to befriend and alleged serial killer. >> i'm not a serial killer hunter. i said, how am i going to do this? >> at stake, answers. >> wondering where she is. what happened. >> peace for grieving families. >> you want to find her and bring her home and you can't. >> and one man's freedom. >> you don't just turn around and give out candy and say, you're free to go. i went through hell and back. >> early each day, donna reitler greets her daughter, trisha. >> i say "good morning" every morning. i look at that and i can hear her say -- hi, mom! >> trisha was very kind-hearted and very smart. >> as a child, says father, garry, trisha lit up the room. >> she would just bound into the room, spread her arms apart and say "ta-da!" that type of
on this in a couple of minutes. >>> the son of d.c. councilman marion barry says he'll speak publicly after his next court appearance. >> christopher barry is charged with drug possession. the charges stem from a domestic complaint back in may. the 31-year-old was allegedly found near a table with five bags of marijuana and a vial of pcp on it. police say barry jumped out a window and tried to run away. he was taken into custody a short time later. bruce johnson caught up with marion barry wednesday trying to get a comment. >> as a parent, talk to me about it. tell me something. >> how are you doing? >> i'm not going to talk about it. >> is he ok? >> i'm not talking about it. >> should we talk to press? >> no, don't talk to him about it. >> christopher barry, the son is due back in court july 27th. >>> the obama administration is speaking out against congressional efforts to restrict certain funding in the district. yesterday, the white house released a statement opposing a bill that pulls funding for the city's needle exchange program and paying for abortions for poor women. the administration says
now involving the son of d.c. council member and former mayor marion barry. marion barry, christopher barry, charged with possession. his son. intent to distribute pcp. court records show he was arrested on may 28th. officers found five sandwich bags, which were almost full of marijuana and a vial of pcp that authorities say contained, quote, sufficiently more than used for personal use. >> when police arrived on the scene, officials say barry jumped out of the window, but returned to the scene and was arrested. he was treated for a bloody foot. the 31-year-old son of council member barry is facing a felony drug charge now. marion barry has worked as a house painter in years. he has not shown any interest in politics. he is due in court july 27th. >>> despite billions of dollars being spent on security in the skies, critics in congress say our nation's airports are still vulnerable to terror attacks. the transportation security administration came under particular fire today with some lawmakers wondering whether the agency is worth the money. chris clackum has that story. >> reporter:
that involves the son of d.c. councilman marion barry. news4 learned christopher barry was arrested and may be charged with intent to distribute pcp. tom sherwood is in the newsroom with the breaking details. tom? >> reporter: marion barry is the city's most famous politician. christopher barry seen here in 2004, is about 30 years old. he's the only son of marion barry and his late wife effy who died in 2007. christopher has worked as a house painter, but largely stayed out of the public eye. the court documents say he was arrested may 30th at his apartment on martin luther king avenue. police were called there after reports of a fight. christopher was charged with possession and intent to distribute the drug pcp. he was due in court today, but his lawyer, fred cook, had the case postponed until later this month. now, fred cook could not be reached for comment today shall but media reporters say he is refusing to comment at this point, but we're still working the story and will bring you the details as we get them. back to you. >> just put this in context a little bit. hasn't christopher be
in washiigton later today. drug charggs.marion s faccng - christophhe baary was taken into custody back in may... after authorities say they found a vial of p-c-p and marijuana inside his apartmeet. the younger barry is due in court ... later his month for a preliiinarr hearing.the elder barry was the former mayor of washhngton d-c. family...friends... and mourners will say thhir final goodbyes to former irst lady... betty ford.hee remains arrived in her home wednesday afternoon. current and former first ladies attended the public memorial service in palm desert california... earlier this viewing issscheduled for later this morning at the presidential library. if your child is tipping thh scaaes... to obesity... a controversial new article the article... out of harvard univsersity suggests itssa form of chiid abuse. researchers say it would bb okay to remove the child.. if there was proof the parenns rrpeatedll refused to address the children's heelth problems.. including severe obesity.critics of the article says the theory is well intentioned... but misguided. race day is still 7 weeks a
drogas, luego que la policia encontro evidencia en su apartamento.. marion christopher barry de 31 aƱos fue arrestado en mayo cuando autoridades llegaron a su apartamento tras el reporte de una pelea.. las autoridades encontraron cinco bolsas llenas de marihuana y pcp.. en ese momento barry escapo por una ventana pero luego volvio y fue arrestado.. el consejodel condado de prince georges aprobo una resolucion que esencialmente prohibiria nuevos proyectos habitacionales en una amplia franja del sur del condado... de acuerdo al consejal mel franklin -- quien presento la propuesta-- la medida esta disenada para prevenir la saturacion vehicular en las calles del area de bradywine, particularmente en el corredor de familiares y amigos de un hombre desaparecido misteriosamente durante el fin de semana estan extremando sus esfuerzos para dar con su paradero... claudia uceda nos trae los detalles de este caso que esta "esto es algo rarto el no hace eso..." jimena llora por su hermano "el no es asi siempre esta n obreesta en su pagina de facebook, el sabado a la 1 de la t
nomination. >>> we are learning new details about the case of marion barry's son. chris bury was arrested back in may after police say they found five sandwich bags of marijuana and bottles containing liquid pcp in his southwest d.c. apartment. he is facing a count of possession and another count of planning to distribute. >>> former mayor of d.c. has a new job. is joining the law firm course, . , mitchell. the law firm for kisses on medical malpractice cases. -- the law firm deals with medical malpractice cases. >>> many dictionaries are -- many dignitaries are expected to attend the burial of betty white. she died last week at the age of 93. -- of the 84. she died last week at the age of 93. >>> a brooklyn neighborhood filled with shock and grief. a little boy was grabbed and brutally murdered by a complete stranger. police are trying to find out why. >>> proposals from local police are raising eyebrows. >>> paying double for netflix. >>> before all that, will the break in the heat last all weekend? >>> and a brooklyn neighborhood is still in shock over the gruesome murder of a small bo
're committed to improving their service. >>> marion barry wants to keep new apartments out of work 8. he will introduce legislation tomorrow that will ban any apartment building from being billed unless they -- being built unless they are already under way. he wants to see boarded up houses renovated. right now only 24% of ward 8 residents own homes. >>> volunteers are spending the day sprucing up a shelter planting trees painting walls and making needed repairs at the city's largest homeless shelter. this is sponsored by alexandria 's economic opportunity commission. great work out there. meanwhile, another community service project is taking place at the washington navy yard. high-school students from across the country and from london's spent the morning packing care packages for military families. the london students are spending one week in the district as part of a leadership summit. coming up, caching and -- cashing in. could you write a scholarship essay on twitter? this is unbelievable. another fan plunges over the barrier at a baseball game. today on oprah, the out of >> this w
of their immigration status. >>> d.c. councilman marion berry is asking the public for privacy after police arrested his son on drug charges. police arrived at marion barry's home on may 28th for a domestic dispute. the 31-year-old was allegedly found near a table with five sandwich bags of marijuana and a vial of pcp. barry jumped out a window and tried to run away. police caught him and arrested him. he has been charged with possession of accident to sell pcp. right now, chris says he has no comment. he will talk after his court date. >>> a man whose run-in with police made headlines back in 1991 was arrested on dui charges. rodney king pulled over by police in california on tuesday after they say he broke several traffic rules. he was given several field sobriety tests and taken to the police station for further testing. king posted bail. he was the victim of a savage video-taped beating involving several los angeles police officers and their acquittal in that case led to the 1992 los angeles riots. >>> the time now is 4:39. coming up, see how a new pill is showing promise in stopping the spread
, call police. >>> the son of council member marion berry could be behind bars. today marion christopher barry plead guilty to felony drug charges. back in may authorities say they found five large bags of pot and a viral of pcp in barry's apartment. officers were called there in southwest for some sort of dispute and say that's when the drugs will be found. he will be sentenced next month. >>> if you forgot to pay an old parking ticket the district is about to cut you slack. today the mayor announced a six- month program for drivers with outstanding tickets. however there is a catch. it only applies to tickets issued before january 1 of this year. now you can start paying without any penalty come monday. the district expects or at least hopes to collect about $6.3 million through this program. >>> the militaries brac realignment project is really hitting close to home. for thousands of folks connected to walter reed army medical center. that facility is closing its doors in september and today, it hosted a closing ceremony, allowing generations of staff and patients to say goodbye. the
. marion barry's son arrested. the charges are drugs. >>> bruce johnson in the district. u.s. attorney's office confirming to 9news now that 31- year-old christopher barry the only son to councilman marion barry was arrested and charged with a felony
. >>> the son of washington's mayor marion barry was arrested on drug charges. this is file video of the former mayor. court documents released show his son marion christopher barry was taken into custody back in may. police say they discovered a vile of pcp and marijuana inside the young man's apartment. younger barry is charged with possession with intent to district of a controlled substance. he is due in court later this month on a preliminary hearing. >>> a card ol just aciewftsd doing -- cardiologist accused of doing unnecessary heart procedures lost his license. st. joseph medical center released mark midei of his duety and told more than 350 patients he may have planted -- implanted unnecessary extents in their hearts. the actions were re's and serious so his license was revoked. he maintains that those allegations are false and his attorney says he may appeal the board's decision. >>> an mta worker died of meningitis but doctors are saying none of us are at risk. the 46-year-old was hospitalized tuesday. the family is being treated as a precaution. the health department says this strai
. >> host: top story of dr. marion, please. >> guest: and glad you asked that because dr. marion was one of the most compelling people i had ever met in any country anywhere. she is a woman doctor who practiced medicine all throughout the taliban years and the have seen so many educated women left and she didn't. and she's a major character in the dressmaker because she runs the clinic for the women in the afternoon after she works at the hospital in the morning and she runs this clinic for women all around the neighborhood. and one time i asked her why in the world she had stayed in the time when almost everyone she had left. she said because it's my country and i will not be kicked out. and by the way, if i had left during the taliban years who would have practiced medicine on women because later on one of the tel dan ruled that women could not be male doctors. only women doctors can treat women and if they all were gone who was going to give the women medical care so she's a strong trippi triet as i have ever met. >> host: virginia, go ahead, please. >> guest: >> caller: how are they
in appleton, wisconsin, rain na ricin, 16, from laporte, indiana, wendy felton, 16, from marion, indiana. michelle dewey, 20, in indianapolis indiana. all of these cases went unsolved. officials believed only one man knew what happened. >> we knew he was responsible for several deaths. >> and to get answers, it would take a risky unusual plan. send a convicted drug dealer under cover into a dangerous prison to befriend an alleged serial kill area. >> i'm not a serial killer hunter i said. so lou am i going to do this. >> at stake, answers. >> wondering where she is, wondering what happened. >> peace for grieving families. >> you want to find her and you want to bring her home and you can't. >> and one man's freedom. >> they don't just turn around and give out candy and say you're free to go. i went through hell and back. >> early each day, done nan reitler greets her daughter tricia. >> i say hello to this picture every morning. i say good morning every morning. i look at that and i can hear her say, hi, mom. >> tricia was very kindhearted, very smart. >> as a child said father gary, tri
, and they could get hurt or someone else, shawn. >> will thomas, thank you. >>> dc council mab marion barry's son is facing drug charges. chris barry was arrested in may because of a fight. officers claim they found pcp and five sandwich bags of marijuana. they say the younger barry jumped out of a window to avoid police. chris barry is charged with possession with intent to distribute. his father council man barry had no comment. >>> graffiti painted on cars, tires slashed in a quiet neighborhood. up next, why police say this could be more than vandalism. >>> check out some of the other stories on our run-down. the news edge is back in 60 seconds.  >> police in prince georges county are questioning two people in connection with the homicide in bowie. officers were called after a shooting this evening. they found the victim dead inside the home. neighbors are stunned. >> it strikes me as strange because he was a very quiet person, like i said, my wife would see him out running. we didn't have a lot of interaction with him, so they're saying that he seemed to have b
is asking the public for privacy after police arrested his son on drug charges. police arrived at marion christopher barry's home back on may 28 for some kind of domestic dispute. when they got there, the 31- year-old was allegedly found near a table with five sandwich bags of marijuana and a vile of pcp. christopher perry jumped out of a window and tried to run. barry has been charged with possession with intent to sell pcp. our reporter spoke with chris barry on the phone. he says no comment, but barry will talk after his court date. >>> some staggering figures about airport security. today the transportation safety administration reported there have been 25,000 security breeches in the ten years since 9/11? >> unfortunately, we have to be right all the time. sheriffs only have to get lucky once. >> many of those breeches were accidents. distracted passengers or perhaps leaving a bag behind at a security gate. the tsa says the number only represents a fraction of 1% of the 5.3 billion travelers that have gone through airports in the past decade. >> president obama condemning the dea
. marion bartoli advancing to the finals after dominika cibulkova withdrew because of an injury. >>> everyone looking for birdies at the women's british open. 22-year-old 18 holes away from her biggest win in her career. last year's winner is two strokes back. >>> u.s. senior open. sinks the birdie from just off the green on 18. shoots a 65. now 15 under for the tournament which is the senior open record through 54 holes. two strokes back. >>> making history at infineon this afternoon. qualifying first for a record 139 times. the 62-year-old will go for his second straight win during the elimination round. his son-in-law robert hiatt would be the number 2 seed. infineon fans can meet the first lady of drag racing this weekend. after all these years she is still one of the sport's biggest stars. >> a lot of racers will go there quietly out of ear shot and complain that my autograph lines are interfering with their pit stakes. it is just another excuse to complain. but that is pretty much the way it is. and they will stand for an hour and wait for that one signature. >> and some b
champions tour victory with a two-shot lead. tennis, marion bartolo walked into the finals. that's the way you want to get to the finals, just walk over. >> just like that. it's graduation day for some chicks in san francisco. where have they graduated from?d >> thousands of runners will hit the streets tomorrow for the san francisco marathon. the first wave of runners takes off at 5:30 a.m., about an hour after leigh glaser gets up. starting line at the ferry building on the embarcadero. runners make their way across the golden gate bridge, then back through golden gate park, where the half marathon will end. for those brave enough to run back at the embarcadero, the race will result in several road closures tomorrow, including part of the embarcadero, and two northbound lanes of the golden gate bridge will be closed to traffic tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 9:00. >>> it is graduation day for five penguin chicks at the san francisco zoo. they graduated from fish school and have returned to their birthplace at the zoo's penguin island. the two-month-olds learned to swim and were hand fed to
that marion does everyday, in support of the youth of this country. that, you know, it just makes everything else seem trivial. tavis: yeah, my time is up, "super 8" is the movie, but you are such a busy guy and you have a few television shows, you want to run the list, you have so many do you know. >> "fringe" is coming back and we have a show, "person of interest" and alcatraz. tavis: oh to be j.j.abrams, and "super 8" is the film, and as always, keep the faith. >> for more information on today's show, visit tavis smiley at pbs.org. tavis: hi, i'm tavis smiley. join me next time for a conversation with betty white, on her new memoir. see you then. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where wal-mart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. with every question and answer, help tavis improve financial literacy and remove obstacles to economic empowerment one conversation at a time. nationwide is on your side. >> and by contrib
in the window, my grandfather would listen to the ball game. i remember when marion anderson would sing, my grandmother made us be quiet and respectful before greatness. every once in a while a neighbor would come by and would excuse herself and come out with a pitcher of lemonade or ice tea. she had those tea cakes that i loved. most of the time children would say go on and play. you wouldn't listen to grown up's conversation. at that point we were all welcome. the stories were layered. seniors got something that the young parents and fathers learned, then teenagers and little ones. we all got something out of the story. they were layered. i try to do that in my writing. i try to layer so that the reader who is sharing the story with the young person will get something out of it or see something they can learn from as well. my mother loved to do poetry. i would sit in the hallow of her arm and begin resiting dunbar poetry. [inaudible] you as dirty as me. look at that mouth. him being so sweet and sticky, goodness. i would say momma, do it again, please. i would beg her to do it again, she
for free. >>> marion barry's son is pleading guilty to drug possession charges. he appeared in court this morning. police arrested him in may after they found pcp and marijuana is -- in his apartment. he is scheduled to be sentenced in september. >>> we are now just one year away officially from the start of the 2012 olympics in london. a ceremonial torch relay was run from the canadian embassy where the winter games were held to the british embassy in d.c. runners carried the torch along the four-mile route. earlier this morning >>> mayor vincent gray signed a bill that would require student athletes 18 years or younger to be removed from playing if they have suffered a concussion is being called about comprehensive law of its kind in the entire country. >>> there is growing concern about the terrorism threat from somalia. congress is investigating reports that somalis-americans are being radicalized and sent back to the u.s. for attack. >>> u.s. officials are convinced that the al qaeda central leadership in pakistan and afghanistan have been pushed to the brink of collapse. they a
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